$35.99 $60.75

*Does not include vaporizer. Vaporizer pictures only for illustration

works with:

Vaporizer attachments for 14mm

DynaVap Nonavong, HydraVong

Any DynaVap with Fat mouthpiece 

Boundless Terp Pen.

At just 7.25-inches tall, the Eyce Mini Beaker is forged from platinum-cured silicone and provides a comfortable grip for on-the-go use. The downstem features multi-percolating filtration to deliver exceptionally smooth draws. Eyce gave the Mini Beaker an ergonomic grip to ensure safe passes during sessions.


The Mini Beaker is equipped with a 14-millimeter borosilicate glass bowl that’s heat resistant and provides pure, untainted flavor. This beaker sports a convenient stash jar and an included steel multi-tool that attaches to the side of the base.