Futo VapeStation for DynaVap

$55.00 $112.68


Futo VapeStations are the ideal session / travel case for your vape accessories.   Fits all of our popular stashes including all regular and XL sized FutoStashes.  The DynaVap Cradle fits all regular and XL sizes of DynaVaps, as well as some after larger market sizes.  Features 2 genuine DynaMags, and a DynaVap Mouth Piece Stand to set your DynaVap on end for hands free loading. The VapeStation lid is held with powerful rare earth magnets.  Have your next session in style with a VapeStation!


1 - Vapestation walnut

1 - Jane Mary's Cannapuck


*DynaVap and Futostash and Futo Grinder not included.