Galaxy FutoStash XL for DynaVap

$100.00 $187.80

Wood Type:

Futo Galaxy Burl Stashes are out of this world stabilized burl wood with resin cast accents. The stabilization process hardens the burl wood and if dyes are added brings out amazing natural patterns in the wood - sometimes they look cosmic in origin.

Futo created a special numbered set in our FutoStash models, and each one is unique.

Fits XL DynaVap vaporizers. Supported models include Titanium Omni, DynaVap M, Hydra. (vaporizer sold separately)

Model: FutoStash XL includes stash tool 
Material: Stabilized Boxelder Burl

As with Futo products, these dugouts are hand-crafted from board-to-box in Futo's shop on the Canadian prairies. From sanding the lids so smooth that they are almost seamless, and fastening snug with a high thread-count screw, no detail has been spared. FutoStashes feature a genuine DynaMag, a perfectly spring loaded "garage" compartment, and a polished finish.


5.0" tall
1.9" wide
0.8" thick