2021 THE VONG Dynavap Build Your Own Combo



Create your own Dynavap combo


Bundle your favorite Dynavap accessories and save.  Don't need a lighter, grinder or stash?  No problem, build your own combo to suit you. 


Comes with:

  • Dynavap  2021 The VONG Vaporizer in your choice of wood
  • Storage Tube

Lighters (Optional)

Add a high quality Vertigo torch lighter with a lifetime warranty or one of our basic single or triple torch lighters for use with your Dynavap.

Grinders (Optional)

Add a 4-piece Jane Mary's grinder in your choice of color for that perfect herb consistency in your Dynavap.

FutoStash (Optional)

Pretty much a must have for any Dynavap user.  Choose a FutoStash in your choice of wood to store and carry your precious vape around.  

Add-ons (Optional)

Add additional Dynavap accessories at a discounted price to your combo.