Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

Healthy Rips
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FURY EDGE is a slightly taller version of the FURY 2
(10mm taller)
Much larger 2300 mAh Battery
Enormous vapor production  
Kirksite Alloy Unibody
Size: 51.8 x 27.4 x 90.5mm (2” x 1” x 3.5”
Weight: 5.6 Ounces
​Chamber Capacity .175g to .205g
​3 Clicks On/Off
USB-C Charging
OLED Flip Screen - Push Power Button for 3 Seconds
Accessories Attachment Included
Protective Silicone Cover Included

The FURY EDGE is designed and built on the same platform as our proven and popular FURY 2. Although it may look very similar on the outside – The FURY EDGE is slightly taller (10mm) and  has several features that are lacking in the FURY 2 as you can read in the ‘Features’ section below. The most notable upgrades are the much larger 2300 mAh battery which is almost 45% larger than our FURY 2 (43.75% larger to be exact), the included Accessories Attachment that allows you to exchange a variety of glass attachments - exactly like The FIERCE device, and the faster USB-C charging. It is small and discreet - yet as powerful as they come. This device is excellent for stealthy use on the road with plenty of power for home use as well. Whether you take short or long draws - this little beast delivers!  The Convection Technology of The FURY EDGE combines full hot air convection heating with a slight amount of radiant heat giving you massive vapor production from the very first draw. This unique Convection Technology gives you extremely even extraction without ever needing to stir your material. The FURY EDGE has a solid Kirksite Alloy Unibody - and the isolated stainless steel & glass vapor path is ​100% food-grade for your health and safety.


Convection Heating Technology

​Protective 'Smell' Cover ​

Accessories Attachment (holds glass attachments)

OLED Digital Flip Screen

Temperature Range 320F - 430F

Precision Temperature Control

3 Clicks On/Off

Vibration Notifications

Glass Vapor Path

Kirksite Unibody​

Size: 51.8 x 27.4 x 90.5mm (2” x 1” x 3.5”)

Weight: 5.6 Ounces​

Chamber Capacity .175g to .205g

Low Draw Resistance

20 Second Heat-up Time (almost on-demand vapor)

Isolated Air Path - Food Grade Stainless Steel

Food Grade Stainless Steel Chamber

Stainless Steel Heating Coil

USB-C Charging with Wall Charger

Charges in 75 - 90 Minutes

Class A 2300 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

Provides approximately 75-90 minutes of battery use per charge​

5 Minute Auto Shut-off Protection​

RoHS Certified for 100% Health and Safety


Upgraded Features From FURY 2:

Accessories Attachment for Various Glass Pieces

Much Larger 2300 mAh Battery (1600 mAh on FURY 2)

Vibration Notifications

5 Minute Shut-off Timer

OLED Flip Screen

Mesh Stainless Steel Screen

Stainless Steel Coil

USB-C Charging - Bi-directional and Faster Charging



What's in the Box: 

  • 1  FURY EDGE Device
  • ​1  Protective 'Smell' Cover
  • 1  Mouthpiece with Glass Vapor Path​
  • 1  Accessories Attachment for Glass
  • 1  Glass Mouthpiece (Black) for Attachment
  • 1  USB-C Charging Cord
  • 1  Extra O-Ring & Screen Set
  • 1  Cleaning Tool
  • 1  Cleaning Brush
  • 1  Tweezers
  • 1  User Manual



One Year Free Replacement Warranty

Lifetime 1/2 Price Replacement Warranty

​*Excludes loss, tampering, physical damage, or liquid damage