DynaVap Shadow M Blackout Combo (Includes Grinder and Torch Lighter)

$100.00 $136.97


Shadow "M" 2018

The DynaVap ‘M’ provides the highest quality, durability and experience for an extremely reasonable price. The 'M' is created utilizing 100% Stainless Steel of medical grade. The 'M' arrives equipped with the signature temperature indicating cap providing simplicity and efficiency for all.



1 x DynaVap Shadow ‘M’ 2018

1 x DynaVap Storage Tube

1 x Jane Mary's Black Grinder 

1 x Black Torch Lighter


Jane Mary's Says


Who should own a Dynavap?  Everyone!  Easily the most efficient form of vaporizing, Dynavap truely conserves your herb.  No matter what new vaporizer we get in store we always have a place for the simple, fun, flame powered Dynavap.  Simply heat till it clicks and enjoy the same great vaping experience that your battery powered devices provide.  You need to try a Dynavap to truly appreciate the elegant simplicity of these little vaporizers.  Take it camping, take it golfing, or use it in the house.  Easy to load and heat, you never thought vaporizing could be this easy and fun.   

And don't forget to pick up a single or triple torch lighter and a dynastash to go with your Dynavap.