For When You Need a Vape On-the-go

It’s not surprising to learn, since legalization, vaping has become one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods. Cannabis vaporizers are a convenient and cost-effective way to self-medicate or consume cannabis, THC and CBD recreationally.

Vapes give recreational and medical marijuana consumers high-quality, discrete and versatile products to suit every occasion and mood. Portable vaporizers are sometimes referred to as pocket vaporizers or handheld vaporizers since they are generally small enough to fit inside your hand and or pockets.

Jane Mary’s focuses on dry herb vaporizers but many of the models we sell can be used with concentrates as well.  Dry herb vaporizers are the most natural unprocessed way to consume your cannabis.

Why Use Marijuana Vaporizer?



Smoother Effect


What Type of Heating is Available With Dry Herb Vaping?

Vaporizers utilize either conduction or convection or a combination of both for heating.  Both methods are capable of producing quality vapour and the choice of heating is really a personal one.  Convection heating is becoming more popular as its easier to start and stop a session without wasting any valuable herb.


Full Convection