Healthy Rips ROGUE

Healthy Rips
$190.00 $229.00

The ROGUE is a slightly larger version of our FURY EDGE
Larger 3000 mAh Battery - Longer Battery Life per Charge
Bigger Chamber - Requires Less Loading
Adjustable Session Timer Between 3-8 Minutes
Extended Temperature Range of 280°- 430°F
1 Click Battery Check While Powered Off

Kirksite Alloy Unibody
Size: 3.65” x 2.3” x 1.18” (92.5 x 57.8 x 30.1mm)
Weight: 6.7 Ounces
​Chamber Capacity .2g to .225g
​3 Clicks On/Off
USB-C Charging
OLED Flip Screen - Push Power Button for 3 Seconds
Accessories Attachment & Glass Mouthpiece (Black) Included
Protective Silicone Cover Included
Enormous Vapor Production